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Briefcase Full of Blues did a great job for us on New Years Eve 2016.  They were great!


Bar Manager Platform Sports Bar Northampton MA

I must admit, very early in the wedding plans I was opposed to a live band. I just did not think that it was possible to get what I wanted musically on my special day.  Boy oh boy, what a Dumb Ass I was to think that! You and your band members blew me away. I have such great memories of that night, mostly on the dance floor. Every guest danced almost all night. The 2nd Line was beyond my wildest dream.

Thank you so much.

I am now trying to figure out a great reason to beg you guys to come play at another gathering sometime in the near future. I am such a big fan now. And how could we not have a great life together with “That Kind” of a beginning.

Pashelle L. Latino

Costume Supervisor

The Blues Briefcase Blue Bros. Tribute performed a stellar show this past Saturday October 22nd at the Pre Game Thunderbirds Tailgate Party in Court Square. Although the band got the crowd’s attention with the Bluesmobile/Blues Brothers schtick, they held their attention for two hours in the rain with real gutsy R&B played as well as anyone anywhere.

    Vocalist Kenny Stearly (Goat Ropers) in the “Jake Blues” role-continues to be the most soulful voice around-belting out the BB classics- as well as functioning  a great MC for this R&B event. He was happy to share the stage with his partner Guy Wallis (Changes in Latitutes) functioning in the Ellwood role. Wallis was cartwheeling wacky but also played some mighty respectable blues harp as well.

    In the rythmn section guitarist Tom Fileault and drummer Billy “The Kid” Klock drove the band relentlessly-both taking extreme melodic and harmonic risk yet managing to land on their feet each time. Klock really seemed demon possesed driving each soloist, taking it down and then building it up to a thrashing climax.  Fileaut-a true Hendrix/Stevie Ray crossbreed took particular wild risk on his solos, yet always somehow managing to resolve the chaos. The section was anchored by Roger “Bondage” Fuller and Ted “Raider Eddie” Wirt who kept close to the chord changes and provided effective structure. Wirt also provided some great blues solos with his rusty dumpster dived sax and fire salvage keyboard rig.

Fighting the freezing temperature the three man” classically trained” horn section managed to sound like one instrument  and featured: Joe “Bone Ranger” Sabol whose high note range and deft slide work made his trombone sound like a trumpet .   Pete Grimaldi-usually seen in highbrow jazz bands and pit orchestras-leading the horn section in the “ Mr. Fabulous” role with well crafted solos. George Baker on sax was another wild man flailing with three arms quoting every inside and outside 20 century tenor player from Hawkins to Brecker.

Also guesting onstage was Stearly’s son Kyle singing Van Morrison and doing it well.

In summary, this old school unit cleaned house at Court Square Saturday night. We recognize them from beyond 30 years ago from a band called the (New England)Radiators. Sounding better than ever, all are pushing or over 60 years of age and were getting it done in below 40 degree rainy weather! This writer wants to hear them in a warm room! Some of them will be playing with the legendary New Orleans saxophonist Mr. Charles Neville at the Montgomery Town Hall on Saturday evening November sixth.  It is free!  Go there.